Why Get a 2023 Hyundai Kona?

Hyundai has been creating cars that are efficient in their way and this is the reason for their growing popularity worldwide over the years. The 2023 Kona is a great example of Hyundai’s excellence in the automotive industry. People buy this vehicle because it offers valuable performance and a modern design that appeals to customers. To understand clearly why you should get it, go through what Kona offers before reaching Willow Grave Hyundai dealer.

New things that 2023 Kona offers

One of the features that people love is driver assistance. Kona decided to make more such features a standard option for all of their trims. These involve alerts for rear-crossing traffic, monitoring blind spots, warning for safe exits, and more.

Another massive change that Hyundai decided to implement is that their Tech pack is no longer available. Its contents have either been discontinued or made standard for all variants of Kona. To know what is discontinued and what is available as standard one should get in touch with an authorized Hyundai seller.

Two engine choice

Hyundai equips Kona with different engine choices according to buyers. People looking to get bae models such as SE and SEL trims will enjoy a four-cylinder engine that is grouped with an automatic 6-speed to create 147 horses. It takes 9.2 seconds for this powertrain to reach 0-60 mph. It is a great engine that works wonders for people who use this vehicle within city limits like travelling to work every day.

Nevertheless, most people want Hyundai’s optional choice; a four-cylinder turbocharged engine that is mated with an automatic dual-clutch 7-speed transmission to provide drivers with 195 horses. It takes 7.3 seconds for this powertrain to reach 0-60 mph. This peppy option is equipped in N-Line and Limited versions, which is why most people buy these models.

The powerful transmission uses shifts swiftly and quickly making it the ultimate choice when opting for Kona. With more throttle, this car will offer agile handling along with ample driving fun.

Its base powertrain, Kona will provide a colossal mileage of 35 mpg on highways and 30 mpg in cities. The optional one will give 35 mpg on highways and 29 mpg in cities. People looking to acquire more data about mileage and other details of the powertrains should reach Willow Grave Hyundai dealership.


The interior will charm anyone that its exterior design does. It maintains convenience as well as comfort while ensuring that the cabin looks modern and classy. Great ergonomics, quality build, soft & comfortable seats, etc. are a few of the things that make the overall interior a refined product from Hyundai.


People can get SE and SEL trims at $23,475 and $25,285 respectively. Kona’s N-Line and Limited versions are priced at $29,185 and $30,285 respectively.

You can get either of the trims as all will offer great performance and more. Hence, you can buy either of its variants according to your budget and needs. The best way to determine is by taking a test drive of this car. With such pricing and performance capability, it isn’t hard to see why people buy it.

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