What Should My Bathroom Remodeling Checklist Include?

A Bay Area bathroom remodel is a popular project considering this part of your home is always exposed to moisture. The presence of leaky fixtures & cracked tiles and poor lightning all indicate the space needs a complete remodeling. You might also want some changes in the bath to reflect the needs of your growing family. If you appoint an experienced remodeling team, they will execute the work according to your specifications.

You can certainly think of a bathroom remodeling project if this part of your home needs an upgrade. However, for any remodeling project, you must have a plan. You must prepare a checklist before executing the project and the key will be to make sure the work is done accordingly. Here are certain things to keep in mind, as you plan to remodel this part of your home.

Gather ideas:

How do you want the space to resemble after the closure of your Bay Area bathroom remodel project?  It is not every day you are remodeling the bathroom and therefore must have a clear idea of how you want the space to be. You can gather ideas from the internet or perhaps even speak to your remodeling team. They have experience and can tell you about trending bathroom designs popular across homes in the Bay Area.

What are the additions you desire?

This should also be on your checklist as you are planning a bathroom remodeling project. Are there elderly or disabled members in your family? Just like others even they will be using the bathroom and you can insist on having adjustments to this place accordingly. The idea will be to enhance accessibility features in the bathroom. You might also want some luxury additions such as a skylight. This allows you to get a feel of natural light early in the morning, as you go to relieve yourself. Therefore, you must prepare a list of additions; you need for this space and hand it over to the remodeling team.

Set a budget:

One of your priorities will be to allocate a budget for this job and try not to deviate much. Only if you are planning major projects that involve shifting the load-bearing walls, you must keep some spare cash aside. These projects could often lead to unforeseen scenarios and at that time, if you are short on cash, the space could be lying in a mess. The thumb rule is to set aside 20% more cash to meet unforeseen scenarios.

A color palette &design style;

It is important to select a color palette and design style that is trending across homes in Bay Area. You must choose a design that is cohesive with the rest of the home. Is your bathroom square footage area small? If so, you must not select a dark color theme because it makes the space feel boxed in.

Enhancing safety features in the bath: 

While executing a remodel of this space, you can also think of enhancing safety features in the bath. This is a wet space so you can always plan to have non-slip flooring or install grab bars at strategic points. This should make your bath safer for use.


A bathroom radiator, an essential fixture in modern homes, offers comfort beyond temperature control. Its sleek design complements the space while efficiently distributing warmth, preventing dampness and mold. A dual-purpose marvel, it combines function and aesthetics, ensuring cozy moments and maintaining a welcoming, moisture-free environment.

A ventilation upgrade: 

This is one of the most overlooked features of a bathroom remodeling project, but significantly important because bad ventilation will undo all the good work. Hence, amid the major upgrades, you can insist the remodeling team checks the ventilation and executes the necessary upgrades to it.

This is a comprehensive checklist for a major bathroom remodeling project at your home In Bay Area. By stressing these points, you will get the perfect bathroom improvement work from the team working on your project.

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