What can I do to help a sad-looking azalea thrive? Ask an expert

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Q: I have a unfortunate-searching azalea that I consider may possibly have a fungal infection of some type. On the other hand, I’m also not guaranteed if this is genuinely the root result in or probably facet impact of some other fundamental problem. I do know that it is a solar-loving plant and until the final calendar year was blocked by a significant overgrown ivy bush.

The shrub was in decline when I moved into the household in November 2020. I did fertilize it one particular time with a sluggish-launch 14-7-7 acid-loving fertilizer, but sad to say, I do not bear in mind the timing.

It is also worth noting that immediately after removing the incredibly substantial/previous invasive ivy shading it out (which had developed into a shrub/treelike habitat), I sheet mulched the bordering spot with one particular layer of cardboard and a thick layer of wood chips (this was all-around March 2021). It had also been overtaken by a neighboring forsythia, which I have pruned again aggressively. The shrub is on the bank higher than a drainage ditch, so the trunk is not in standing h2o, but I do assume the roots increase into boggy territory. I did provide supplemental drinking water through the summer. – Washington County

A: It appears to be like this weak azalea has experienced to fend off a large amount of vegetation attempting to get a bit of sunlight. The azalea lace bug has turn out to be a main dilemma in our region ensuing in vegetation that seem a ton like this. I do not see proof of that insect in your photographs, which is a very good detail.

The image reveals lousy advancement in the previous couple yrs. I assume all you have completed is in the suitable way to get his plant again in condition. From the appears to be like of it, if you like it that a lot, you could move it away from that forsythia. Azaleas and rhododendrons have shallow root units so you’d be in a position to do it, though it is not an straightforward undertaking. But if it receives away from competitors and receives a very little much more gentle, it might reply very well. Or you could plant a new a person in what appears to be like like vacant place. It is excellent to know the ditch is down below the root place. With any luck , it is doing work nicely and not full of h2o much too a lot.

At this time, I do not see precise ailments in your illustrations or photos. The bird’s nest fungus in one particular graphic is just on dead wood and is not a pathogen that would induce you hassle. – Jay Pscheidt, OSU Extension plant pathologist

Bulb planting time

October is the year’s greatest thirty day period to plant spring-flowering bulbs, these kinds of as these tulips. File image.

Q: I identified a box of tulip bulbs in my basement that I seemingly forgot to plant in the slide. What is the wiser thing to do now? Should I plant them in hopes they’ll flower or should I put them back again in the basement and plant them in the drop? – Multnomah County

A: Planting them straight away is the finest study course. You will not get blooms this 12 months, but they can establish roots and, ideally, establish leaves to feed the bulbs for upcoming year’s bouquets. Your hole must be 2 inches deep in a sunny, well-draining region, with some bulb food integrated for every package deal instructions. Water the place and really do not stage on the new plantings. – Kris LaMar, OSU Extension Learn Gardener

Smoke tree in fall foliage

Smoke bushOSU Extension Assistance

Q: Is smoke tree also at times referred to as a burning bush? – Baker County

A: The smoke tree is not the exact same as a burning bush. Burning bush (Euonymus alatus) is a deciduous shrub native to Asia that has come to be well known for landscapes in North The usa. The dense, multi-stemmed, rounded shrub gets its widespread identify from its amazing crimson fall foliage. Greatest planted in the drop or spring, burning bush grows at a reasonable speed, incorporating about a foot of development for each 12 months. Little yellow-green flowers bloom on the plant in the late spring, although they aren’t extremely showy. Nonetheless, the red-orange berries that arrive in the drop give supplemental ornamental price. In some locations, burning bush is regarded as an invasive species, so it is essential to expand it in your landscape in a contained and respectful way.

If you are planting smoke trees in your garden, you will want to know how to expand 1. This is easy adequate. Order a superior tree from your nearby garden centre. They expand effectively in a significant pH soil and must be positioned wherever they can get complete sunlight or partial shade. Nonetheless, they do prefer full solar and will bloom at their finest in comprehensive solar.

When the smoke tree blooms it is a lovely tree. The puff of smoke that is the flowers will last most of the summer prior to it commences to drop off and fade for fall foliage. Once more, the smoke tree blooms are like feathery, fuzzy flowers and seem like a wonderful cloud of smoke.

Expanding smoke trees is quick but you really should be watchful not to injury the bark. The bark is skinny and easily destroyed. Thus, be careful not to strike it with a lawnmower or other gardening tools although gardening. Weed whackers can also do harm, so again, use warning. – Chris Rusch, OSU Extension Grasp Gardener

Frost paints the Portland landscape

Publications of “very last frost dates” for several spots are only estimates. Oregonian file image. LC- The Oregonian

Q: When is the final frost date? When I appear on the net, I am observing as early as March 31 to as late as Could. – Benton County

A: I would not place any revenue in the predictions. They could be ideal on, but under no circumstances actually have been in the yrs that I have been right here. Your ideal guess is to watch the weather conditions forecasts for a few months forward. And sure, we have had cold snaps in late Might.

Quite a few people today set their tomatoes out in mid-May well and drop them because of to the chilly climate. If you do set out crops, shield them with row include for the duration of these chilly nights. And if the weather conditions dips to 32 levels for a few hrs, it is thought of a light-weight frost. If it goes below that and lasts for a working day or two, that is a tough frost and will very likely destroy all your plants.

Seedlings these as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower can temperature cold temperatures, specifically if they are lined at evening. Tomatoes, peppers and potatoes could not make it as a result of, even with a deal with. Your greatest guess is to look at the forecasts and get some significant-duty row go over to maintain the crops warm should really we have a late cold snap. – Sheryl Casteen, OSU Extension Grasp Gardener