Top 5 Most Bizarre Car Cultures

Do you consider yourself a car enthusiast? You have a name for your car, and you kiss it every time you leave the house? Even though some people might think that’s extreme, you can’t blame yourself because car cultures around the world can be even more extreme.

It all started back in the late 1800s when some riders began replacing car components with funny items, like changing their car seats to toilet seats. The 1950s were the real take-off of chopping, modding, and fitting all types of aftermarket parts to cars to make them look unique. These strange yet fun-looking automobiles created odd car traditions that gathered all the enthusiasts around the globe to show off their vehicles and driving skills.

From Japan’s Bosozoku to having pigs as co-pilots, these are some ways people show their passion for cars.

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Pig n’ Ford Races:

Yes, it’s real; pigs participate in this race as passengers on an old, heavily modified Ford Model

T. In 1925, on a sunny day at Tillamook in Oregon, two local farmers were chasing a runaway pig in their old Ford car. They decided it was very fun and made it an event at the next county fair.

In order to win, the racer needs to pick a living pig from its bin, ride their vehicle, and then complete three full laps without dropping the animal at all. At the end of each round, contestants must turn off their engines, change their pig for another one, and then go back to complete another lap. The switching part makes the race even harder, but you can ensure that the farm animals are kept entertained.

From Classics to Donks:

The Donks’ world is all about big and outrageous. Not 20, not 30, but 40-inch wheels are what you will see there. The Donks are classic American cars that have been uniquely customized with huge tires and painted with a bright color like red or even purple. The larger the wheels and the more unusual the color, the better a car will fit in the world of Donks, which is for those who are courageous enough to mod a classic car and cruise the streets without feeling shy.

Boys Behind The Wheel:

(Boy Racers) is a phenomenon that gained popularity in the UK first, then Australia and New Zealand. The participants modify their cars with body kits, audio systems, and exhausts to speed away from traffic lights with their loud music. Some car enthusiasts feel the term labels them as anti-social and try to keep themselves away from it.

Spin of Life:

All dangerous sports are nothing in comparison to this one. Spinning is a challenge to the self and the laws of physics. The car is left completely driverless while it’s spinning, and the driver leaves their seat to perform dangerous stunts near the vehicle. When the spinners finish their performance, they jump back into the car to regain control over it.

This sport started during the 90s as a gangster ritual in the townships of South Africa and has recently become a legal sport there and in Sweden as well as some southern states in America. If you are a ride-or-die type of person, then this sport might be your calling, especially if you have what it takes.

Japanese Bosozoku (running out of control):

Like Spinning, Bosozoku originates from a motorcycle gang’s ritual and later became Japan’s most bizarre car culture. Participating vehicles do NOT look normal at all; they are heavily modified with enormous exhaust pipes, which often stretch outwards and up into the air, an aerodynamic kit that’s as large as the vehicle can handle, disco balls, shiny paint job, and other add-ons that make the car stand out in any traffic jam.

The world of automobiles is a large and vast world with many sub-cultures. Each country has its own way of showing love and creativity for cars, so maybe it’s your time now to choose the culture you like or even start a new one, like the local farmers in Oregon.

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