5 Fast Track Auto Repair Technician Program Institutes in the US

Auto Repair  Technician might seem to be a straightforward profession. However, as time progresses with the increasing complexities of vehicles, adequate knowledge and specializations become crucial to pursuing a career as an Auto Repair Technician.

Over 160,000 establishments in the US are under the automotive repair and maintenance services industry. An estimated combined total annual revenue of approximately $115 billion is brought in by the automotive repair and maintenance industry. With an expected annual growth rate of 1.7%, the future careers as automotive technicians are bright when trained properly in automotive training/ auto mechanic certification programs.

This article lists Automotive Technician programs for high-quality technical education. There is a comprehensive list of institutions to pursue a career in the automotive service industry.

Philadelphia Technician Training Institute

Auto Repair Technician Program
Auto Repair Technician Program

Philadelphia Technician Training Institute offers a diploma in Automotive Technology & Repair. This program trains the students in automotive repair with the main focus on cars and light trucks. At the automotive training center, students perform hands-on practicals with world-class quality infrastructure. They specialize in auto repairs and secure employment in the automotive repair field. The automotive program also prepares students for higher studies and enables them to pass the ASE Certification test.

Reasons to choose Philadelphia Technician Training Institute.

  • The students can complete the training in as little as six months.
  • The fee is highly affordable, and financial aid available for all those who qualify.
  • With hands-on training and education, students are programmed to have an industrial outlook for greater future prospects for a career.
  • The instructions are ASE certified.
  • As part of the program, an industrial setting internship is provided. 92% of the enrolled students get placed in the first month.
  • On completing the Automotive technician training program, students receive a Certification of Completion with PA State & Emission License.

Universal Technical Institute

automotive repair and maintenance
Automotive Repair and Maintenance


The UTI’s Auto Mechanic school offers training in both maintenance and repair of import and domestic vehicles. The automotive training curriculum includes everything from simple engine systems to power and performance machines. With UTI’s Automotive Technology program, the students earn credit toward professional certifications, attain industry-related knowledge and experience. The training prepares you for an in-demand career in the automotive industry that fits your passion. The course was taught at the NASCAR Technical Institute campus in Mooresville, North Carolina. The minimum duration of the training is 48 weeks. You’ll have opportunities to learn from leading manufacturers in the automotive industry.

Reasons to Choose UTI’s Auto Mechanic School

  • Train and graduate in less than a year.
  • Dedicated teams to aid in the search for financial, housing aid, and employment opportunities.
  • Specialized programs for training that feature manufacturers and brands such as BMW, Lexus, Ford, and more
  • Practical Hands-on training experiences with qualified instructors

Lincoln Tech

auto mechanic certification programs
Auto Mechanic Certification Programs

Lincoln Tech was established in 1946 and has continued the philosophy and tradition of helping students succeed in their professional careers through job-specific education and personalized career support to cater to individual’s aspirations. The training program emphasizes a hands-on approach. That equips the students with technical efficiency and puts them at the forefront of the expertise, technical skills, and sound knowledge required to succeed in their chosen profession, complete with campuses across the nation.

The students at Lincoln Technical Institute get their diplomas and associate degrees along with their certifications when they successfully complete the programs. With access to industry contacts and their networks that work in association with Lincoln Technical Institute, education is enriched through such partnerships and organizations.

Lincoln’s Automotive Program Areas Include:

  • Automotive Technology
  • Collision Repair and Refinishing
  • Diesel Technology
  • Heavy Equipment

Students learn Engines, electrical systems, Fuel and Emission Systems, Transmissions, and more. Instructors extend support by illustrating the service, repair, and maintenance of automobiles.


automotive technician training programs
Automotive Technician Training Programs

Wyotech offers its students intense hands-on experience of automotive repairs with the extended support and guidance of professionals. The program develops automotive service technicians ready to enter the automotive industry with adequate knowledge needed for doing auto repairs.

The mechanic courses last for six months. You can choose between automotive technology, diesel technology, collision repair, and refinishing technology.  WyoTech offers students with auto mechanic certification programs, including ASE Certifications.

Many of the graduates are exhibiting their skills like mechanics, automotive technicians, quick-service techs, etc.


Automotive Training Center works intending to turn the students into qualified technicians with complete training in the following:

  • Automotives
  • Collision Repair
  • Diesel
  • Hi-Performance tech
  • Marine Service technology

Classroom education equips the students with industry-ready skills. Here theoretical knowledge is imparted, along with extensive hands-on shop experience and practical training.

At the Automotive Training Center, the students receive training to become skilled professionals with the curriculum described as:

  • Teaching the fundamental knowledge and skills is required.
  • Instilling soft skills and values such as teamwork, professionalism, leadership, accountability, and confidence.
  • A learning environment where instructors can interact and work closely with the students in a practical, hands-on approach in their training.

Concluding Notes

What is more fascinating than working on computers to solve and diagnose engine and alignment problems? With your passion for the latest automobiles, high-performance machines, and emerging technologies, automotive technician programs will train you in the best way. The hands-on job of repairing an automobiles’ suspension, exhaust component, brake system, or electrical issues, and thereby putting the vehicle safely back on the road is satisfying.

The industry of automotive technology demands highly skilled employees with rapid advancements. Enrolling in automotive technician programs will arm you with adequate knowledge and skill for the job.

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