Receiptify: A Guide to Creating a Spotify Receipt

Receiptify is a popular app designed specifically for Spotify users who are interested in a more visual experience of their musical journey. Receiptify allows you to explore your Spotify usage and find out which tracks you have played most and which artists you have liked during different periods. If you want you’re to see what music you’ve been listening to over the past month or six months, or perhaps even the complete history, then Receiptify is for you. Furthermore, additional insights and statistics give a better understanding of music preferences and trends.

How to Use Receiptify?

To start using the Receiptify app, launch it and log into your Spotify account by clicking the corresponding button. After that, you will be taken to the Spotify landing page, where you can log in through Google, Facebook, or Apple or enter your email/username and password. You are supposed to enable an app by tapping the agree button after it has asked for privileges to access Spotify data. Once inside, you can personalize your receipt according to your taste, whether the best tracks or top artists or listening stats from different periods such as last month, last six months, or all-time. The speed at which the receipt gets loaded makes it possible for someone to jump between options and view all their statistics quickly.

How do you create a Spotify receipt using Receiptify?

  • To get your Spotify data, sign in with your Spotify details by clicking the “Sign in with Spotify” button and granting account access. 
  • Tailor your receipt to reflect what you like most, whether it is highlighting the top tracks of your choice, favourite artists of yours, favoured genres, and statistics about it or even searching for an album specifically.
  • Specify a particular period you are interested in; this might be your recent activity within the last month, the past six months, or all-time history.
  • Determine whether you want to see only Top 10 picks or widen it to Top 50 for broader analysis.
  • Once you have generated your custom-made receipt, you will be provided with an option to save it as an image file so that you can easily share it using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and let other people know what kind of music you prefer.

How Do We Download and Save the Tracks on My Spotify Receipt indefinitely?

Receiptify focuses on creating attractive receipts based on your music tastes and listening style. It does not offer direct downloads of your favorite music but lets you save them in a playlist on Spotify. When the receipt interface pops out, click the save as playlist button, and an additional last month’s top tracks – March 2024 is added to your Spotify account by default. You may rename it as you want it to be called.

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