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More than just professionals you turn to once a year at tax time, Chartered Accountants are perfect partners for SMEs wanting to thrive in a challenging and competitive environment.


More than just pros you transform to the moment a yr at tax time, Chartered Accountants are great partners for SMEs seeking to prosper in a hard and aggressive surroundings.

When commencing up his new earthmoving company, Job Earthworks, former firefighter Hayden Brewer brought the hustle, wits and a advancement frame of mind – but knew that a great money being familiar with and what essential to be done to extend have been vital to achievement. 

That is why, for his compact organization, discovering a Chartered Accountant was a person of the most important items he did.

Unlike a common accountant who an SME will only see at tax time, a Chartered Accountant will work closely with an SME on an ongoing basis, offering all the things from skilled small business information to assist with simple points these as the type of tools or know-how to make investments in, or how to apply for grants. 

“Think of your small business like a sporting activities workforce and the Chartered Accountant as the coach,” says Peter Prema, BetterCo Advisory & Accounting’s Auckland director. 

“You want to earn, we want you to get, and we will guideline you every single step of the way to make absolutely sure you do well.”

Peter Prema, director of Chartered Accounting firm BetterCo.


Peter Prema, director of Chartered Accounting organization BetterCo.

Frequently, they will supply assistance even prior to an SME is up and running, as was the circumstance with Auckland earthmoving business enterprise Venture Earthworks Ltd. 

Hayden experienced arrive to Prema for assistance about his concept to make excess dollars, and he quickly spotted a trouble.

“We appeared at his charge out rates, together with his inputs and charges, and quickly calculated what he needed to cost, to make this a lucrative enterprise.”

Following calculating Job Earthworks’ complicated enter and output fees for the full yr, Prema realised the  asking charge would not be adequate to make the organization practical and worked with his consumer to come up with a revised charge to improve margins and switch a earnings. 

“By operating with us, we identified he would have been undercharging folks and would not make the profit he wanted more than the training course of a yr.” 

“It really is amazing what can come about when you do your thanks diligence from the quite begin.”

With a real growth mindset plus deep knowledge and understanding of what lies beneath the numbers, Chartered Accountants offer an invaluable partnership for any SME.


With a real growth mindset furthermore deep awareness and being familiar with of what lies beneath the numbers, Chartered Accountants present an priceless partnership for any SME.

There is a notion that Chartered Accountants are costly or only operate with big companies, neither of which are accurate, claims Prema.

“Chartered Accountants function with all concentrations of enterprises – a great deal of my consumers, for instance push diggers or put in warmth pumps – but the one issue they all have in widespread is that they want to mature their company and they will need the skills and competencies that only a Chartered Accountant has, to be able to go to that upcoming amount, and which is wherever we come in.

“You can discover a Chartered Accountant in your region, with neighborhood information and marketplace-extensive contacts to support your business improve and be lucrative. It truly is like we become your personalized, external CFO for a fraction of the cost.”

If you happen to be an SME owner, the following quiz can give you an strategy of how great your accounting and business enterprise understanding is, and exactly where you could do with some assistance:

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