Mistakes to Avoid with Customized Bulk T-Shirt Printing

Creating your own t-shirt and reaching out to customers take a lot of work. One of the main setbacks of a business is making rookie mistakes that can be easily avoided but you aren’t made aware of.

Let’s take a look at the common mistakes you can avoid with bulk t-shirt printing.

Choosing Cheap Fabric

Being frugal and economical is good but being cheap is bad. If you are just starting out, you should only focus on quality. It will help in penetrating the market. Sure, sub-par products sell once in a while but when you are building a business, it is necessary to sell something, which will make your customers come back for more.

Overly Complicated Design

The idea is to have a great shirt and not simply a good design. Designs having too many details can become unfathomable for customers if they are scaled down to the size of a t-shirt. The little accents won’t be visible to the naked, they will only add noise to the overall texture of the design.

If you really have to push a complicated design, make a sample before you print it out in bulk. Check if or not it is giving the same impact as you might have imagined.

Making the Wrong Color Choices

You might want to choose a bright color to make it stand out. However, remember that too many colors in a design can ruin the design of cheap t-shirt printing. Also, multiple colors can be more costly, particularly when you are ordering several t-shirts at once. Hence, you need to strike a balance.

A designing expert at a cheap custom t-shirts printing service will be able to tell you more about t-shirt printing options and what can look the best. It always helps to talk to a professional.

Not Using High-Quality Images

If you don’t check the resolution of the image, you will be using, it can lead to subpar results. You need to make sure that you are only using high-quality images for printing on the t-shirts. The image should not just look good on screen. It should look good even when printed on the fabric. Whether it is an art image or photograph, it has to be of a specific size to look good.

Not Selecting the Right Font and Typography

Your font and typography choice needs to match the level of professionalism that you plan on showcasing. Arrange the words for the promotional message in such a way that it makes sense. Make sure that you are not using too many too within the same design. You have to space the letters correctly.

Making Spelling Mistakes

You will be surprised to know how many brands print the wrong initials or spellings for their designs. It might be just a careless mistake or might be a result of rushing through the process. So, when you are printing monograms, initials, brand names, or brand messages, you should always double-check the spelling and wording. You can take the help of friends or colleagues to check it for you. It will help in identifying the mistakes. Remember once you are done with the custom apparel printing, it can be difficult to change the spelling mistakes.

Not Including Negative Spaces

When you are designing and printing something like a t-shirt, you should consider negative space. Often, it is not about what you can do but where you have included the blank space. One common mistake that people make is trying to include too much detail within a small space or cramming as much information as possible in a small area. You need to make sure that you are focusing only on the key information.

Bottom Line

T-shirts make for excellent keepsakes, complimentary gifts, and giveaways. When you know these common mistakes, you can easily print professional-looking t-shirts that will help in establishing your brand. It is also important to make sure that you choose the best printing company.

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