Interior and Pricing of 2023 Chevrolet Suburban Makes it a Good Buy

Chevrolet Suburban is an excellent car that people can use for multiple purposes. One of the reasons it has become popular, especially among families is due to its cabin and pricing. Such a beautifully designed and tech-loaded cabin at such affordable pricing is hard to get nowadays.

Hence, before you reach Glenwood Chevrolet dealer to buy one, check out the vehicle in detail that offers awesome cargo space and a variety of engines, great pricing, and more.

Interior of Suburban

When compared with Suburban’s earlier versions people will notice that the new are larger and spacious. Also, the second row comes with an easy sliding system that makes it efficient for people to enter the third row. In addition, each row comes with more head space and leg room. Moreover, the floor is lower and flatter which helps in increasing the cargo area space. All thanks to its rear independent suspension that is implemented in the 2023 generation models.

Other things include wireless phone charging along with ventilated and heated seats. Also, it’s head of display is larger than its previous generation trims. Furthermore, the gauge cluster is digitized and it is 12.3 inches which is available from its LT models.

Coming to infotainment, people will enjoy various connectivity features along with an optional entertainment system for passengers in the back. Such an entertainment system will consist of a 12.6-inch touchscreen mounted behind the front seats. In addition, there will be ample charging ports throughout the interior design and Wi-Fi hotspots too. Lastly, it also has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as its smartphone integration system.


The pricing of this vehicle starts from $59,000 which is the price of LS trim. The rest in the lineup include LT at $64,000, RST at $67,000, Z71 at $69,000, Premiere at $72,000 and High Country at $79,000.

The best option is to buy Premiere or High Country models; however, it will depend on you which trim is ideally suited to your needs; experts suggest getting a higher-end model to ensure that you enjoy all the features that this car has to offer. Know more about pricing by visiting Glenwood Chevrolet dealership.

Other details

Under the hood of Suburban sits a V8 5.3L engine as its standard option. It creates 355 horsepower and is hooked up with an automatic 10-speed transmission. Another more powerful V8 is the optional 6.2L engine that makes 420 horses. It is standard for High Country versions and available as an option for the rest.

Apart from all these, there is also a diesel engine of 6 cylinders that generates 277 horses but offers a torque of 460 pound-feet. These powertrains come with adaptive dampers as well as air suspension which can be adjusted accordingly.

The interior aspect along with pricing and other details show why this is a great car to buy. If you are looking to get a full-size SUV then this would be one of the best options from Chevrolet. To be sure of this vehicle, visit a dealer and ask for a test drive.

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