How to Make Your White Kitchen Cabinets the Star of the Space?

When you are decorating the kitchen, you need to choose the right color for the cabinets. it might seem like a small decision but can have a significant impact. Bold cabinet colors, such as blue or red can help you into the inner maximalist, while neutral tones are ideal, pared-back paint shade.

Known for its versatility and simplicity, white is the ideal blank canvas for your kitchen. No matter whether you are pairing it with cheeky hardware, a luxe countertop, or a stunning backsplash, white kitchen cabinets will cater to a wide range of design styles. If you need proof, we have pored through the archives to learn about the best antique white kitchen cabinets, proving just how inspirational and versatile a shade can be.

Punctuate with a Pop of Color

No use settling for a cabinet color when you can choose more than one. In case your style skews a little more maximalist, leave the cabinets white and add some color to the island. This will make the white kitchen cabinet set to pop.

Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

In case purchasing colored cabinets is not an option, try to paint existing cabinets to update the kitchen with a pop of color. This choice is quite economical and gives a personal element to the kitchen. In a bright kitchen space, the lower cabinets can be painted a minty green, a color tempered by a boldly patterned floor and back hardware and it will give it an exciting touch.

Use Wallpaper in the Kitchen

You will come across wallpaper in powder rooms and living areas, but such wall treatment will go with kitchens, too. Select a colorful pattern for the walls, ceiling, or backsplash of the kitchen. To make sure that the kitchen is easy to clean, avoid highly textured or fabric wallpapers that cannot be wiped clean easily.

Install Colorful Light Fixtures

A quick trick to give a white kitchen a pop of color is replacing the basic fixtures with counterparts that are colorful enough. With a new ceiling fixture, you can add interest to the area of the kitchen that does not receive much attention. Also, you can hang a pendant with shades that are bright above an island for boosting personality and task lighting.

Paint the Kitchen Island

If you are not ready to go all-in when it comes to colorful cabinets, try to paint your kitchen island with an accent color. It lets you experiment with a small color dose and it will take less time than painting the cabinets, as well as its doors. However, make sure that you choose an island color, which complements the kitchen’s wood tones and other colors.

Paint Lower Cabinets

To ensure a balanced color application, go for two-toned look on the kitchen cabinets. Select a shade for lower cabinets and leave out the upper ones white. This will give a contrasting look and lets you try bold colors on cabinets without coating the whole space.

Lay Down a Colored Rug

Add some color to your neutral kitchen with a colorful rug. These are ideal for a kitchen that has an open space. But runners will go well with perimeter countertops and islands. Choose a material that is easy to clean and can bear a lot of foot traffic. Make sure that you use a non-skid pad for keeping the rug in place. Remember safety is a must-have when you have a busy kitchen.


Updating your white kitchen cabinets is not enough. You should also know how to clean white kitchen cabinets. The best way to clean white kitchen cabinets is to dust them regularly and wipe off spills as soon as they happen. Perform deep cleaning at least twice a year.

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