How to discover the beauty of the Nandi Hills?

Travelers across the globe always believe that the best places are often off the map, which is the main reason that people need to focus on the element of exploring rather than focusing on only the popular tourist destinations. So, discovered by the tourists, the area of Nandi Hills in Karnataka is the perfect testimony to this point and ultimately has become a very important tourist destination nowadays.

There are a good number of options of Nandi Hills resorts are available over here, which people can easily book and spend the best time with their loved ones so that they can easily enjoy this hidden gem located in South India very successfully. Following are some of the major reasons to visit this particular place today only:

Ideal for the getaway and a refreshing trip:

One of the major reasons for shifting the focus to the Nandi Hills is that everybody will be able to consider it as an absolute paradise to be in, and ultimately, people will be able to take a lot of things into consideration simultaneously. This place is definitely worth it because it is drop-dead gorgeous and only a few kilometers away from the city of Bangalore, which very well highlights the easy-to-access feature over here.

The prominent dignitaries of the world, including Mahatma Gandhi, Queen Elizabeth II, and other associated important people, have also enjoyed their stays here, which also connects people to the historical perspective of this place.

Perfectly visitable at any point of time during the year: 

One of the best things about this particular place is that people can easily visit it at any point of time throughout the year because people simply need to pack their bags and pick a date and book the resort. This place is definitely worth visiting because the temperature during the time of October-May will be approximately 10-40°, and the remaining months of June-September will be based upon moderate rainfall.

So, whenever people are interested in planning a trip over here, then definitely proceeding with the basic element of planning is important so that the weather can be easily enjoyed and, ultimately, people can have the best time in this city without any doubt.

Reaching here is very easy:

Since it is a small hill station in Karnataka, it can be easily reached by all forms of transportation very successfully. If individuals are wondering about how to proceed with the reach, then definitely there is no need to worry because the nearest airport is the Kempegowda International Airport in the city of Bangalore, where people can reach out and ultimately hire a cab or Taxi.

On the other hand, if individuals are interested in experiencing the train journey, then definitely booking the train, which can be divided into Chickballapur, is important where people will be able to enjoy accessibility to the buses and taxis.

On the other hand, if people are interested in proceeding for a short trip, then everybody can easily cover the distance of approximately 60 km between Bangalore and Nandi with self-driving plans. So, getting around over here is not a very difficult task because everybody can easily enjoy good accessibility to this place.

Visiting the Tipu’s drop:

This place is perfectly located on a cliff, which is approximately 600 m above the elevated ground, and is one of the oldest and famous tourist attractions in the Nandi Hills. This particular place is very much famous for the cliff associated with it, but actually, it is related to the business being pushed off from this place. Also, the area comes with a spellbinding view of the town and ultimately makes it very important for individuals to visit it.

BhogaNandeeshwara temple:

This is another very important gem in the Nandi Hills and ultimately dates back to the ninth century in terms of historical perspective. This place is one of the most important and oldest places in Karnataka, and the beautiful complex set up at the base of the hills will provide people with the perfect element of spellbinding architecture. This place is definitely worth visiting in terms of your efforts and time and, ultimately, is one of the most important and interesting places to be visited on a trip to the Nandi Hills.

Summer residence of Tipu Sultan:

Another very important reason to visit this place is the summer residence of Tipu Sultan, where he used to live, and ultimately; this place is also known as TASHK-E-JANNAT. This place is very well made up of wood and ultimately is where it is upon pillars along with beautiful painting walls. This is one of the most important places to be witnessed by individuals.


This is another very important place that you should visit during your trip to Nandi Hills because, basically, this is a cave that was used by Ram Krishna for meditation, and now it has become a very important tourist place. If you are interested in enjoying the element of a peaceful environment, then definitely visiting this place is important because this is the perfect opportunity to relax the mind, body, and soul simultaneously.

Amrita Sarovar:

This place is one of the significant sources of water supply in the entire region of Nandi Hills, and the springs that have been formed over here look perfectly like the lake of nectar. This place is basically a stunning spectacle that you should visit because it cannot be missed by anyone, and the shimmering waters of this place very well provide people with the perfect opportunity to enjoy a lot.

In addition to the above-mentioned reasons to visit the Nandi Hills, it is definitely important for people to have a good hold over the activities which they have to carry out, and further proceeding with the element of cycling overhead is important for people so that everybody can enjoy the spectacular landscape. Apart from the above-mentioned points, planning your night stay at Nandi Hills Resorts is definitely important for people so that everybody can have the best time and ultimately enjoy the soul-satisfying experience of the trip.

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