Explore The Picturesque Locations In Dubai With The Best Rooftop Restaurant

Imagine standing in the middle of shimmering towers, under the heavenly skyline of Dubai while you tune into an unforgettable night. A rooftop restaurants in Dubai lets you experience such a dream for real. The city sets the milestone for architectural perfection and incomparable cuisine. When in Dubai, there’s no chance you miss the flavorsome heaven with an Instagrammable location. Nazcaa, a Peruvian restaurant in Dubai serves the premium culinary experience to its guests. If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine and wish to taste authentic dishes while in Dubai, this is the place for you. Inspired by Dubai’s Instagrammable culture, Nazcaa is a perfect blend of delectable food and scenic beauty. The article focuses on showcasing the qualities of the diner that make it a top-notch venue to celebrate life.

A Delightful Culinary Haven

Nazcaa is inspired by the companionship of the Japanese and Peruvians. The people from Japan initially moved to Peru in search of work and they started working in the sugar fields to make a living and soon realized the need for an addition to the local dishes. They discovered the famous Nikkei cuisine which is a result of Japanese dishes marinated in the pristine Peruvian flavors. The experienced chefs at Nazcaa serve indelible flavors on the platter. The individuals who want to explore authentic cuisines with a tinge of modern spices, Nazcaa has you covered. The variety-laden menu is full of mouth-watering dishes and the premium wine from across the world makes it a perfect place for food lovers.

The menu offers different varieties. For starters, they have different types of Ceviche like Coconut Ceviche, Royal Guard Ceviche, Lima Ceviche, and more including flavorsome ingredients like Sea Bass, Plantain Chips, Hamachi, Burned Choclo, Avocado, Mango, etc. These indelible starters are served cold and are meant to melt your heart. The hot platter includes dishes like Lobster Gyoza, Edamame, and Morado Tsukune which are marinated in different flavors like Chili Garlic paste, Chili Pineapple compote, truffle oil, green pea puree, exotic vegetables, and more. There is a whole different menu for lunch which includes Miso Soup, Spicy Tuna, Garlic Shoot, Japanese Kare, Mochi Ice Cream, and more. The pristine flavors and a variety of dishes are meant to leave you craving for more. Nazcaa prioritizes the taste and makes sure that its guests are happy with the service.

A Remarkable Aura With A Unique Interior

The thought behind Nazcaa was a tribute to the companionship of the Japanese and the Peruvians. A distinct interior showcases Japanese art and Peruvian heritage. As soon as you step inside the diner you are left awe-struck after witnessing the unique art, a perfect blend of traditional and modern ideas. The individuals get a chance to experience the essence of Japan while being in Dubai. The chic decor and artistic walls are bound to make you fall in love with the place. The diner offers a distinguished aura that fosters a breath of fresh air and a perfect time out with your loved ones. The large windows enable you to witness the colossal Burj Khalifa while enjoying the flavorful delight. It offers a complete package for a fun-laden time.

The Rooftop Heaven With Breathtaking Views

Nazcaa is one of Dubai best rooftop bars due to its unique location. It lies in the heart of Dubai and the terrace bar offers a panoramic view of the city. Imagine being lit by the glittering skyline of Dubai and the pool embedded within the terrace lets you take a refreshing dip. Spare some quality time for yourself and take a break from a hectic life. Away from the bustling streets and monotonous routine, visit Nazcaa for an amazing detox experience. Start your night with a chilled beer and feast on the amazing starters while tuning to the melodious live music. Dance the night away to the funky DJ tracks. The rooftop diner is a perfect arena to take your partner on a candlelight dinner and spend some quality time with them while treating them to delightful flavors. Under the blanket of stars and the lit surroundings with the colossal Burj Khalifa in the adjacent, the time at Nazcaa is bound to make you come back with every chance you get.

Private Dining – A Unique Concept

The intimate dining rooms at Nazcaa are crafted with the thought of letting its guests spend quality time with their loved ones. Each room is designed with a unique interior and distinguished designs. The rooms have an aroma that triggers the good emotions and the guests can spend an uninterrupted time with their favorite people. Intricate designs and cozy decor add a perfect touch to your time here. The professional and experienced staff pays full attention to detail and makes sure to cater to all your demands. Feast on the lip-smacking food meticulously prepared by expert chefs and cherish unforgettable memories with your family and friends.

The Modern Ways Of Doing Business

The formal gatherings and business meetings are no longer obligated to be carried out on the office premises. Nazcaa offers a great spot for all your formal discussions. The business rooms are embedded with the latest technology and a calm and undisturbed environment makes your business comfortable. Impress your client with a luxurious experience at Nazcaa. A professional service and flavorsome platter are meant to leave a lasting impression. The unique interior and opulent culinary style encourages conversations apart from the deals and formal talks. Celebrate the closure of the deal with premium wine champagne and other handcrafted cocktails.

Wrap Up

The one-of-a-kind experience awaits you at Nazcaa. Let us host a posh and remarkable night for you and your people. The delightful journey is accompanied by mesmerizing vistas and electrifying DJ tracks. An amazing rooftop cafe in Dubai is meant to let you spend an impeccable time here. From private dining spaces to a terrace bar, everything that Nazcaa offers is incomparable and worth every penny.

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