Expert Shares Tips for Cleaning Porcelain and Stainless Steel Sinks

  • Fiona Mills is a former hoarding technician and recent franchise business enterprise coach at Spaulding Decon. 
  • Mills, 32, informed Insider suggestions for cleaning porcelain and stainless metal sinks. 
  • She stated to avoid bleach or chlorine for the reason that it will wreck a sink’s complete around time. 

The TikTok hashtag “sink clear” has additional than 509 million movies in which folks debate and share tricks on how to deal with sinks. 

Fiona Mills, 32, is a former hoarding technician and current franchise enterprise mentor at Spaulding Decon who shared how to appropriately thoroughly clean sinks — stainless metal and porcelain — with Insider. 

She earlier shared cleaning hacks for a spotless house, bathroom cleaning tips, suggestions about garbage disposals and pipes, her go-to cleansing products and solutions, and obtaining rid of stubborn odors. 

A handmade baking soda paste is an outstanding tool for cleaning stainless metal and porcelain sinks, Mills mentioned

Person pouring baking soda into sink

Making a baking soda paste at residence can help clear stainless steel sinks.

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Mills described that baking soda can aid cleanse these varieties of sinks simply because “it is really abrasive plenty of to scrub absent people hard water stains and any greasy substance on the sink, but it isn’t abrasive enough to scratch or hurt the stainless metal.” 

Mills explained to make a paste out of baking soda and water. 

“The crucial is to scrub or wipe in the direction of the grain,” she explained. “Hope’s Perfect Sink leaves an invisible drinking water-repellent barrier on stainless metal sinks, generating ongoing cleaning a ton a lot easier.”

She extra that homeowners need to deep clear their sinks bi-weekly or at least as soon as a thirty day period.

Mills also advised cleansing porcelain sinks when a 7 days with heat water and soap

Bathroom sink with toothbrushes

Heat drinking water and liquid cleaning soap are an easy way to clean filth.

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Mills informed Insider that porcelain sinks need to also receive a deep clean up at the very least when a thirty day period to avert grease, grime, and cleaning soap scum buildup. She explained to use light cleansers. 

“Use heat h2o, liquid soap, and a sponge to gently clear the porcelain sink,” Mills stated. “Wash away all soapy residue, and dry with a kitchen towel.”

Never use bleach or chlorine on sinks because it will destroy the complete above time, Mills claimed

Person cleaning sink with brush

Fiona Mills claimed to prevent scrubbing sinks with steel wool brushes.

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In addition, Mills reported to stay away from alcoholic beverages and glass cleaners on sinks in typical mainly because they can discolor the protecting layer. She additional that heat and very hot water could very easily blemish stainless metal. 

“By no means scrub with steel wool brush, steel brushes, or very abrasive cleansing pads that may perhaps scratch the grain,” Mills explained.

In its place, Mills recommended working with a neutral detergent very low in chloride and householders ought to bear in mind to wipe in the path of the grain.