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A side loader (also called a side lifter/self-loading trainer) is one specialized vehicle that allows for a cost-effective means of loading, transporting and unloading cargo.

The ability to lift containers whilst working in the narrowest of aisles makes it possible for you to create new business and generate revenue in a market where Container Side Loader Sunshine Coast handling is constantly evolving.


Sideloaders can handle shipping containers and other cargo with relative ease and transfer them to trucks, trains, or directly on the ground level where they can be packed and unpacked efficiently.

When mounted on a truck or trailer, the sideloader can operate with little to no manpower and without needing any special equipment.

This helps minimize waiting time while streamlining operations altogether, two important factors that contribute to a competitive service.

Common usage

A sideloader consists of two side-lifting cranes that are mounted onto a trailer or truck. Sideloaders are commonly used in four different operations namely: lifting cargo from/to ground level, transferring cargo from/to another chassis, stacking containers and road transport.

It takes roughly 2-4 minutes for a sideloader to perform these operations which makes it quick and efficient in lifting containers and such.There are other advantages for a side loader.

Ground-level handling

A sideloader can load/unload containers, cargo, and other heavy goods to and from the ground. Once the cargo has been handled, it can continue to the next job and the goods can be packed safely and efficiently.

Transfer handling

It can transfer cargo to and from a container from a truck, trailer, or rail wagon. This means the loader can also function as mobile lifting equipment for loading/unloading other trailers or wagons.

It can also serve as an intermodal tool as well which further adds to its versatility.

Container transport

The versatile equipment allows for safe lifting and transportation of a container whilst doing so in accordance with all regulations.

No other equipment is capable of performing both functions with the performance and cost-efficiency that this loader can deliver.

Stacking handling

The loader is well-equipped to handle the needs of container stacking, thus enabling operators to put a container on top of another container with ease.

When double-stacking containers, the customer can save valuable space. Containers stacked on top of each other also enable higher cargo security.

Cost effective

The equipment is one of the most versatile in its field, and is cost effective for loading containers on the ground. Container transfers can now take place anywhere that is safe and convenient. This can be at ports, rail yards, container depots or any suitable locations.

Side loaders can transfer containers to other trailers, trucks and trains, or onto the ground, where they can also double-stack containers. The container loading and unloading can take place on the ground, reducing the risk of injury.

The waiting time for other lifting type machinery to become available is eliminated, including the need for expensive ground preparation. This not only saves money for the transport operator, it also saves time for importers, manufacturers and distributors.

Sideloaders do more than just load and unload containers as there are plenty of advantages to using these machines for your daily operations. Here are a couple of benefits when using a sideloader.

Competitive edge

A sideloader enables you to perform certain tasks in a safe and efficient manner. Such machines allow for a new form of service that most trucks and trailers cannot provide.

You can load/unload cargo anytime, anytime without having to use third-party equipment and without creating a disturbance to the customers. This gives a competitive advantage in terms of delivering a seamless and value-oriented service.

Quick turnaround

The loader makes it easy to load and unload containers swiftly. This ensures a quick turnaround which is crucial for customer satisfaction.

All it takes is 2 to 4 minutes for full operation time, and the operator can quickly proceed to the next task. This drastically reduces waiting time whilst promoting container flow with greater efficiency.

Ground transport

One of the main benefits of using the equipment is ground transport. The container can be safely placed on the ground so that the end-user is able to pack/unpack it at their own convenience.

Even if there are no loading docks, the loader can still enable safe and efficient packing/unpacking. In addition to that, a shipping container placed on the ground can transition to a flexible, temporary storage room if the need arises.

Safer workplace

Side loaders promote a safer workplace by handling cargo and containers with full control and precision. By providing levelled 2+2 point lifting, the equipment keeps the cargo safe while enabling you to handle hazardous, fragile or high-value goods with greater confidence.

As both the lifting operation and transport are handled by a single operator, the delivery process is as safe as it can be.


When it comes to versatility, the loader is no exception. It is capable of lifting many types of cargo, thus making it an economical alternative to specialized lifting cranes and systems.

High-level performance

The high lifting capacity of a sideloader can rival that of a 100-120 ton crane which speaks to the level of performance it can provide. Low ground pressure makes the sideloader more suitable for rugged terrain and a low operation height makes it less vulnerable to bad weather.

Transport companies who use theseloaders become increasingly popular amongst their customers. In the case of an economic downfall, sideloaders are usually the last units to stand still which means they are always in demand.

Another big advantage to transport operators is the capacity to deliver loaded containers to the importer/customer on the ground for them to unpack in their own time. They can leave the transport operator free to attend to the next job.

Self-loading container chassis

This is ideal for placing shipping containers with precision anywhere a truck can access, then loading or unloading the container on the ground.

Operators can easily load containers onto companion trailers. This means as well as hauling its own containers, the side lifter can load and unload whole convoys of containers without the need to relocate independent heavy lifting equipment.

Operators have the ability to transfer fully loaded containers, without the need to wait for other lifting type machinery to arrive or become available. This eliminates the cost associated with leaving trailers on site.

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