10 of the Biggest Cryptocurrency Heists of 2022 So Far

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Photo: Marco Bello (Getty Photos)

Internet3 is off to a rip-roaring start out. The theoretical transformation of electronic culture by means of the blockchain is supposed to usher in a bold new decentralized online driven by cryptocurrency. The revolution has started, the crypto ads explain to us! The globe is changing. Get your Slurp Juice now!

And nonetheless…the environment someway remains unusually the exact same. Even in net3, the rich monopolize the assets, cops are viewing your just about every move, and people are nevertheless dicks.

Yet another issue the revolution does not appear to have cured is crime—specifically cybercrime. Just like in internet2, the blockchain is eventually still governed by software package, and, final time I checked, application can get hacked. Shockingly, which is what is been occurring. Exchanges, NFTs, DAOs, decentralized credit history primarily based stablecoin protocols—if you can identify it, it is been hacked. Since January, a minor around a billion pounds is out the door previously. Fairly very good Q1 for the criminals!

The 12 months is not even close to getting around but, but there’s been so many crypto heists we figured we’d toss together a brief rundown. Idk, probably we’ll do just one of these every single 4 months or each billion stolen bucks. We’ll see how points go.